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Decentralized Autonomous General Ledger for every business

Enterprise-Class GAAP Accounting Backed by Distributed Ledger Technology


Triple-Entry Accounting for Business Transaction Capture Congruent Across All Stakeholders

All stackeholders (i.e.; your Platform and each of your Customers) receive a complete distributed General Ledger

Each stakeholder sees their own complete set of financial reports

Audit role can DLT verify all transactions across all stakeholders

Integrated Payments & Transparent Accounting

No need for external Payment solutions

Users transact with each other and the Platform through their Platform wallet

Users securely cash-in/out their Platform Wallet from/to their desired crypto account

Payments captured directly and trasparently into the General Ledgers of all stakeholders atomically

Removes need for separate onerous and errorprone Reconcillation administration processes

Give Your Customers a Zero CounterParty Risk Guarantee

DAGL certification program ensures end-users' Platform-intrusted wealth is safe at all times

Customer Wallet reserves held in esgrow autonomously on the DLT

Platforms cannot manipulate or unduly influence stakeholder GL account balances

DAGL.org Zero Counterparty Risk Guarantee means Customers can access their Wallet balances even if Platform shuts down

Watch a Demo

Seeing is understanding. Watch DAGL in action to see how you can easily provide peace-of-mind to your Customers with "Drop-In" DLT-backed zero counterparty risk transparent accounting to your application or service.

DAGL Use Case:  Digital Asset Exchange (DAEx) Client Demo
DAGL How To:  Simple DAGL Configuration
DAGL How To:  Exercising the DAGL Api

Download DAGL for Free

DAGL isn't a SaaS offering that you consume in the cloud. Rather it is self-hosted softwae designed to be downloaded, configured and run autonomously as part of existing online platforms seeking to simultaneously offer their customers the assurances and transparency of distributed ledger technology along with zero-counterparty risk. Download the DAGL SDK for free and see for yourself how easy it is to integrate purpose-built distributed ledger technology into your online application or service.

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